How To Get 30 New Patients with our Number 1 Lead Nurturing Formula
If you own a Chiropractic Business that is stuck in the OLD WAY of generating patients with referrals, walk-ins, and nonstop posting to social media with no results then this FREE video lesson is for YOU! We teach you the NEW WAY to get patients ON DEMAND so you can stop working IN your practice and instead ON your practice!
In this video, you will learn:
  • Why other Agencies tactics don't work  and how we use our tested formula to attract patients
  • Our EXACT # 1 Lead Nurturing Formula to take potential patients from not knowing you to becoming a recurring patient
  • How we leverage Facebook & Instagram Lead Ads as a method to attract high quality people to your practices unique offer and get money backed commitment before they step into your practice.
  • ​​The methodology behind automation, and the top reasons why most D.C.'s have a hard time with online marketing and others succeed greatly in the new age.
Acquiring new patients shouldn't be a hard task, but in most cases it's the biggest problem in a practice new or old.

This video will show you exactly how we utilize Facebook and Instagram ads along with automation tools to increase your new patient flow, increase your practices recognition, and separate your practice from the others in your local marketplace.

You will learn the exact methodology we use to track the inputs needed to achieve the ultimate output of new patients. We make it easy to understand and follow even without any technical background.

Click the button below to schedule a call with our team to determine if these systems will work for you and so we can learn more about your individual practice.
This is a complete done-for-you service. We help you grow while making your life easy.
Custom CRM
We use a custom CRM to manage all the leads that come in and we use it to nurture them to an ongoing patient ready to use your services.
Custom Funnels
We create a 3 or 4 step funnel that takes a stranger to a fully committed patient appointment without you breaking your back. ☺︎
Social Media Advertising
We leverage Facebook & Instagram as a form of awareness to advertise and drive leads to our #1 Lead Nurturing Formula Funnel. We target high quality people who are truly interested in your unique offer.
Ongoing Management
Over the span of the campaign we fine tune and adjust the platforms as needed so that you get as many patients as possible. You'll receive monthly video calls and reporting to see exactly what's working.
Scheduling Platform
We utilize our custom CRM or integrate your current scheduling system to book patients into your calendar so that there is less follow-up needed within your practice. 
Automation Techniques
Automation tools send out texts and emails automatically to remind and welcome new patients. In the process it also updates a spreadsheet of leads and new clients automatically.
Email Marketing
We utilize email marketing to nurture prospects and welcome them to your practice and your story. This helps you become the authority and start off on the right foot before even meeting them in person.
Payment Processor
Depending on your practice we utilize an online payment processor to accept payments for your offers without you lifting a finger. This makes sure that your leads are truly interested in your practice.
What exactly is Lead Nurturing?
Lead nurturing is the process of developing relationships with buyers at every stage of the sales funnel and through every step of the buyer's journey. It focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of potential patients. This provides the information and answers they need to make their decision to go with your practice.
Upper Cervical Wellness Center
Dr. Corinne saw 35 new patients in one single day! (That's a record). Enough said!
Burwood Family Chiropractic
Dr. Sam is treating over 60 more new patients per month consistently directly from the marketing program. He has been a dear client since 2018.
District Wellness
In Dr. Hooman's first month working together, for $500 in ad spend he pulled in 175 leads and treated 50 new pre-paid new patient appointments!
We're Your Bridge to the New Way of Patient Attraction and Tech
Hi, Cleat here, founder of Altitude Media Marketing; a complete patient acquisition digital marketing agency servicing Chiropractors over the United States. I've been totally obsessed with technology, the internet, and leveraging automation tools to help local businesses not get left behind in the new digital age of marketing.
Today's biggest problem is how local practices are getting left behind in the new digital age of marketing. They're relying on referrals and word of mouth to generate new patient appointments with no consistency or predictability. A lot of practices understand that social media is beneficial to their patient inflow, but with ever changing methods it's hard to keep up.

Our mission is to collectively help every Doctor of Chiropractic execute a patient acquisition digital marketing campaign to acquire new patients with ease and predictability.

The bottom line is... whether you have reached success or not, your business is either getting left behind or thriving in the new digital age. If you don't keep up with technology and digital marketing, then your businesses is a ticking time bomb against the competition that does. We don't want to see you get left behind in the old way of generating new patients.
We are looking to help as many Chiropractors as possible and provide immense value to make their practice prosper beyond horizons!
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